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Smoking in Movies is Irrelevant

Smoking in Movies is Irrelevant

Every couple of decades, an activist group will decide that the most evil thing in the world could be that the image of actors smoke in movies. Everything began with TV, and the first”success” for all these activists was banning tv cigarette advertisements. Gone will be the times in you’re able to turn on Saturday morning cartoons and watch Joe Camel calm down and smoke a cigarette. Then a groups went smoking on TV and now, it’s hard to catch a Prime Time TV character light one up. On TV, it makes sense as those pictures are shattered through living spaces every night around America. But it starts to make less sense once you choose that fight to the silver screen.

The irony is that I despise cigarettes. More than I hate cigarette smoke and also the person smoking near me. I genuinely despise smokes and I’d be OK when they were prohibited and I had to see some one smoking in public. But the simple fact remains they, like a great deal of things that are awful for you, are perfectly legal. Nevertheless, the problem at hand here isn’t whether or not cigarettes are bad for you because most of us know they truly are. The issue is whether or not they need to be banned in the flicks, or when their inclusion in a film represents an”R” rating.

The issue of this is that when you are making a picture that happens before 1985 (or so), then you’re definitely going to have to show someone smoking. At the 50’s, just about everyone smoked and using a movie take place in that moment, especially in case you have”bad” characters, you must show someone smoking. Not every picture is put on having every small detail exact, however for those directors and producers that want to produce a realistic film, they are going to have to have people smoking.

It’s tough to understand what you can say and what you can certainly do without offending people. Heck, offended groups can not actually be consistent therefore everything you say or do now can be okay offensive and now to morrow. However, I think that the whole issue of smoking is becoming out of control. We know smoking isn’t bad, however don’t rely on Hollywood to help expand your message. Hollywood is not liable for raising children or notifying the environment of the dangers which individuals may face.