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Month: July 2020

Mysterious Purchases in The Casino and Gaming Industry

Mysterious Purchases in The Casino and Gaming Industry

Accepting mysterious shopping chores in the casino and gaming industry is a sure bet to have fun, earn a little extra money and help companies maximize the customer experience for all guests. Similar to secret shopping at retail store locations, an assignment in mysterious casino purchases requires conducting multiple properties, using and evaluating the various secret services, and sincere feedback through online forms and surveys. Reviews in the casino and gaming industry are realistic only for people residing in states that allow gambling (especially Nevada), as long-distance transportation is usually not reimbursed.

However, during their time, most mystery shop designation administrators will pay some form of compensation or in-kind services, such as free casino tokens, complimentary meals or other products. The advantages of mysterious casino purchases vary depending on the type of job assigned and the company you are working for. To ensure that you are paid and invited for future work, each project must be completed in a completely professional manner, with a high level of attention to detail. Remember that mysterious casino purchases are not just about going crazy, playing card games or getting free drinks, but about gathering valuable data about the best betting sites “guest experience” that can be used by management to make improvements as needed.

Both large casino properties and small gaming establishments seek honest and truthful reviews of their many products and services. This is where you come in like the disguised eyes, ears and palates of the corporate office, analyzing every detail to ensure that it meets quality standards. Before starting a task, review and familiarize yourself with the requirements and the paid survey questions listed for your visit. You don’t want to “stand out” standing in the lobby with a pencil behind your ear, a clipboard under your arm and a stopwatch around your neck.

Typically, you will gather data on objective questions, such as how long you have been in line to withdraw your tokens, and also answer opinion-type questions, such as what you thought of the interior decoration. Some other areas of common interest include the quality of the table games dealer, beverage server, cage box, restaurant and buffet, security, valet and more.

Mystery casino customers must live in a location that allows gambling and gambling, be willing to work odd hours during the day and night, must have strong observation skills and be able to communicate well verbally and in written reports sent via online surveys. Based on the quality of your work, you will develop a relationship of trust and reliability with a specific business of mystery stores or research sites that, hopefully, will punctuate your work more and more in the future.